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Le système représente les projets d’infrastructures (routes, usines de production d’énergie, lignes électriques, etc.) sur une carte interactive SIG (système d’informations géographiques) insérée sur une page web hébergée sur le site internet de la PPDU.

These infrastructure projects are represented by lines, points or areas where the projects are located. There are also some "soft" projects that cannot be located (such as projects on institutional development, regulatory framework or financing capacity, for example), for which a different representation has been found on the map (right side of the screen).

 The graphic representation is of higher quality and resolution. This map is intended to represent the Master Plan and to present it to visitors to the website. The user can use a filter on the left-hand screen (drop-down list, selection buttons and menus) to display only a subset of projects on the map, defined according to the main criteria of the project (sector, project amount, timeframe, etc.).

To discover the ECOWAS Infrastructure Geographical Information System, please click on the following link: