Governance Organs

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The bodies of the PPDU are :

  • the Steering Committee ;
  • the Directorate of the PPDU.

The Steering Committee's remit is to :

  1. to propose periodically for adoption by the ECOWAS statutory bodies, the overall mission and management policy of the PPDU;
  2. Approve the operational strategy of the PPDU and its update;
  3. appointing the auditors, reviewing and approving the annual financial statements;
  4. Approve the annual work plan and operating budget submitted by the PPDU Directorate;
  5. Approve the functional organisation chart of the PPDU;
  6. appoint the Director, evaluate his/her performance and terminate his/her duties if necessary;
  7. to approve the proposed appointment of the Senior Managers;
  8. authorise applications for the Advisory Fund (CF) and the Private Infrastructure Providers Fund (PIPF);
  9. Approve the submissions of the PPDU Directorate for the distribution/allocation of CF and IPPF funds;
  10. Approve the commitments and expenditures of the Advisory Fund (CF) and the Private Infrastructure Developers Fund (PIDF);
  11. approve the risk management plan, financial audit and control procedures of the PPDU;
  12. to approve the rules of procedure and the accounting, financial, administrative and human resources management manuals;
  13. monitor the performance of the PPDU in accordance with its missions;
  14. Conduct from time to time the performance review of the PPDU and make recommendations to the ECOWAS Statutory Authorities. The periodicity of the review should be specified in the procedures manual.

The Director is responsible for :

  1. act as the main representative of the DPP in communicating with all key stakeholders;
  2. implement the decisions of the Steering Committee;
  3. represent the SDFP in all civil acts and act as its legal representative;
  4. initiate and conduct the recruitment of staff in accordance with the relevant organisational chart and procedures adopted by the Steering Committee;
  5. Organising and coordinating all the activities of the PPDU;
  6. managing the Unit's assets ;
  7. sign contracts within the limits agreed by the Steering Committee;
  8. Order expenditure within the limit set by the Steering Committee;
  9. Recruit experts and consultants for services related to the proper functioning of the Unit according to the workload plans of the assigned staff;
  10. Direct and supervise the staff of the PPDU in their day-to-day operations, and report to the Steering Committee;
  11. ensure a good image of the Unit through the quality of the projects presented;
  12. carry out any other mission assigned to it by the Steering Committee.