Update of the ECOWAS railway networks interconnection master plan

The overall goal of the study is to develop an interconnection master plan of the rail networks  linking  all  ECOWAS  countries,  in  particular  those  not  covered  by  the current master plan.
The specific objectives are to:
– Review the state of play and update the current master plan;
– Propose a mini railway master plan, to be attached to the current master plan, covering Sierra Leone, Guinea Bissau and Guinea;
– Propose  new  sections  for  Liberia  and  Guinea  in  order  to  ensure  adequate coverage and achieve successful integration of these countries.
Expected results
The Consultant shall achieve the following expected results:
– Implementation of the current rail networks masterplan;
– Development  of  a  mini  master  plan  for  Sierra  Leone,  Guinea  Bissau  and Gambia;
– Extension of new railway links between Guinea and Liberia;
– Development of a consolidated regional railway master plan;
– Selection of three priority flagship projects to be implemented;
– Nature of the regional coordination structure.

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