Study on the development of a postal service master plan in West Africa

Overall Objective
The overall objective of this study is to develop a Postal Service Master Plan in ECOWAS Member States, through sustainable initiatives, programmes and projects.
Specific Objectives
More specifically, the purpose of this study for West Africa is to:
  • Determine the current state of postal services in each country;
  • Define strategies for revamping and restructuring postal services;
  • Make a proposal on current and future needs;
  • Define the sustainability of programmes and projects, and develop a short, medium and long-term financing plan;
  • Propose a regional coordination mechanism for the implementation of the proposed scheme.
Expected outcomes
The Consultant is expected to achieve the following results:
  • The current state of existing postal services in each ECOWAS Member State;
  • Criteria for the selection of programmes and projects, tangible initiatives for the revitalisation of postal services;
  • Needs and mode of financing identified;
  • Classification based on priority programmes and projects to be financed;
  • List of projects to be financed by the private sector and the method to be adopted;
  • Organisational and institutional arrangement of a possible regional coordinating structure for the implementation of programmes and projects.

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