Study for the development of airport infrastructure in West Africa

General objective
The  general  objective  of  the  study  is  to  develop  a  master  plan for  strengthening  and developing airport equipment and infrastructure in ECOWAS Member States.
Specific objectives
The study is aimed in particular at enabling West Africa to:
–  Prepare  a  status  report  on  airport  equipment  and  infrastructure  in  each country: aeronautical constraints and clearing, radio problems, access roads and  parking  lots,  airport  installations  (technical  and  annex  buildings), terminals,  security  building,  safety  and  fire-fighting  equipment, telecommunications  and  electromechanical  equipment, radio  aids  and weather equipment, etc.);
–  Propose current and future needs;
–  Define the viability of identified programmes andprojects and draw a short,
medium and long-term financing plan; and
–  Propose  a  regional  coordination  mechanism  for  the implementation  of
envisaged scheme.
Expected outcomes
The consultant is expected to provide the following:
–  Status  of  existing  airport  equipment  and  infrastructure  prepared  for  each ECOWAS Member State;
–  Selection criteria for airports siting established;
–  Demand and financing requirements are made;
–  Classify by order of priority, programmes and projects to be financed;
–  Determine projects to be financed by private sector participation and financing modalities ; and
–  Organisational and institutional plan of a possible regional coordination body
for programme and project implementation.

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