Feasability study for the extension of Gas pipeline network in West Africa

Objective of the study
The objective of the study is :
  • To analyze the current operation of the pipeline, identify all issues (availability of gas, safety of the pipeline, possible non-compliance of contractual arrangements) and to propose solutions for the optimization of this operation;
  • To analyze the technical and economic conditions for the extension of the pipeline network to other ECOWAS countries not party to the WAGP,
  • Where necessary, prepare a blueprint for the extension and interconnection of the network of pipelines in the ECOWAS region taking into account consumption points and existing or potential sources of production.
Scope of services
The Consultant’s services include:
  • Identify all the problems in the functioning of the current pipeline: structuring, partners involved, justification for contracts, availability of gas, safety of the pipeline, possible breaches of contractual arrangements;
  • Propose solutions to problems below for optimizing the operation of the pipeline;
  • Target countries with a clear interest for the study either in terms of supply or in terms of demand
  • Conduct an overall estimate on a 20-year horizon of the supply of natural gas in the countries of the subregion
  • Make an estimate of the demand for natural gas over a time horizon of 20 years in the target countries of the study;
    • These estimates will include :
      • Supplyand demandof electric energyin the sub-region as well as identifyinggapswhere applicable;
      • Variousenergy optionsto reduce the deficitinelectricity andthe share of the thermal gas in the resorption of that deficit
      • Industries demand for natural gas especially for the production of heat
    • Design additional pipeline network to be put in place to serve the identified market
    • Estimate the network length as well as its cost.
    • Determine the price of the delivered gas

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